That's new, the site can now be visited in english. First of all, keep in mind i'm not a fluent english person, so you may find some bad english in this place. Please, forgive me. Second, I have to translate all the stuff from french, which can take some time, and as I twisted my Wordpress to get a cool visual, I'll need to twist it a little bit more to implement english everywhere.

In these pages, you'll find mainly Fan-made Classic content. Most of (if not every creations) the Fan-made content come from the main french fansite about Zombicide. You should go there first thing!

If you spotted some mistakes, if you have some wishes about what could be implemented (don't ask for things on the french version of this site, I'll made an english version... one day...), feel free to contact me on the french fansite I spoke about earlier, user : Hugues (Told you, should go there...)

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